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Recent, New, and Donated Books at the Melcher-Dallas Public Library

November 2021 New books

Grant Dollars paid for non-fiction books; non-fiction shown in 'bold' font

The Last Bookshop in London                                                  Madeline Martin

Going There                                                                                Katie Couric

Forgiven:  The Amish School Shooting                                  Terri Roberts

Busy as Hell                                                                                Mike Foley

Lost Childhood                                                                           Herman Viola

Outliers                                                                                       Malcolm Gladwell

The Bomber Mafia                                                                     Malcolm Gladwell

Hill Women                                                                                Cassie Chambers

You Don’t Cry Out Loud                                                           Lily Isaacs

The Devil in the White City                                                      Erik Larson

Five Families                                                                            Selwyn Raab

Iowa State Patrol                                                                      Scott M. Fisher

Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921                                                 Malcom Gladwell

The Tipping Point                                                                    Malcolm Gladwell     

Iowa’s WHO Radio                                                                  Jeff Stein

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek                             Michele Kim

The Boys                                                                                  Ron Howard

Mudbound                                                                                Hillary Jordan

Greenlights                                                                               Matthew McConaughey

The War Years                                                                           Bob Farrell

Killing the Mob                                                                         Bill O’Reilly

The Wettest County in the World                                           Matt Bondurant

Wise Animal Handbook Iowa                                                 Kate B. Jerome

Brain on Fire                                                                           Susannah Cahalan

Girl, Wash Your Face                                                              Rachel Hollis

David and Goliath                                                                   Malcolm Gladwell

No Ordinary Dog                                                                     Will Chesney

Necessary Courage                                                                Lowell J. Soike

The Floppy Show                                                                   Jeff Stein

Orphan Train Rider                                                                Andrea Warren

Hiroshima                                                                               John Hersey

Iowa Curiosities                                                                     Eric Jones

Weird But True Collector’s Set                                             National Geographic Kids

Sergeant Rex                                                                          Mike Dowling

Killing the SS                                                                          Bill O’Reilly

Top Dog                                                                                   Maria Goodavage

Blink                                                                                        Malcolm Gladwell

What the Dog Saw                                                                 Malcolm Gladwell

A Firefighter’s Journal                                                          Robert John Marchisello

Vanderbilt                                                                              Anderson Cooper

A Culinary History of Iowa                                                   Darcy Dougherty Mausby

Come Share My Foxhole                                                      Richard D. Floyd

E.R. Nurses                                                                            James Patterson

*Talking to Strangers                                                            Malcolm Gladwell

The Watchmaker of Dachau                                                 Carly Schabowski

The Violinist of Auschwitz                                                    Ellie Midwood

Five Total Atrangers                                                              Natalie Richards

Bright Lights, Prairie Dust                                                    Karen Grassle

December 2021 New Books

The Christmas Promise                                                                       Richard Paul Evans

Autopsy                                                                                               Patricia Cornwell

An Amish Surprise                                                                               Shelley Shepard Gray

A Christmas Courtship                                                                        Shelley Shepard Gray

A Perfect Amish Romance                                                                  Shelley Shepard Gray

The Dark Hours                                                                                   Michael Connelly

Driftwood Dreams                                                                               TI Lowe

Beach Haven                                                                                       TI Lowe

A Life Without Flowers                                                                         Marci Bolden

A Life Without Regrets                                                                         Marci Bolden

The First Wife’s Secret                                                                        Claire Amarti

The Silent Daughter                                                                            Claire Amarti

Forgiving Paris                                                                                    Karen Kingsbury

Better off Dead                                                                                     Lee Child

Telling on Myself                                                                                   Betty Broderick

   ‚ÄčOctober 2021 New books

The Jailhouse Lawyer                                                                       James Patterson

Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise                                            Dan Gemeinhart

The Girl and the Hunt                                                                         AJ Rivers

An Unlikely Match                                                                              Beth Wiseman

I Survived the Galveston Hurricane 1900                                           Lauren Tarshis

The House on Apple Hill Lane                                                             Elizabeth Bromke

Forgotten in Death                                                                              JD Robb

Ordinary Heroes A Memoir of 9/11                                                      Joseph Pfeifer

Bloodless                                                                                             Douglas Preston

The Cottage on the Corner                                                                 Shirlee McCoy

The House on Main Street                                                                  Shirlee McCoy

The Orchard at the Edge of Town                                                       Shirlee McCoy

Country Proud                                                                                     Linda Lael Miller

The Wish                                                                                             Nicholas Sparks

The Butler                                                                                           Danielle Steel

Temptation After Dark                                                                          Marie Force

Careless Whispers                                                                              Synithia Williams

A Sweet Alaskan Fall                                                                           Jennifer Snow

The House that Christmas Made                                                         Elizabeth Bromke

The Girl and the Deadly End                                                                AJ Rivers

Treading Wather                                                                                   Marie Force

Marking Time                                                                                        Marie Force

Scandalous Secrets                                                                            Synithia Williams

The House around the Corner                                                            Elizabeth Bromke

A Season of Change                                                                            Beth Wiseman

2 Sisters Detective Agency                                                                  James Patterson

Only my Dog Knows I Pick my Nose                                                    Lauren Tarshis

An Alaskan Christmas                                                                           Jennifer Snow

Dear Santa                                                                                            Debbie Macomber

Private Rogue                                                                                       James Patterson

Under an Alaskan Sky                                                                          Jennifer Snow

Forbidden Promises                                                                             Synithia Williams

Game On                                                                                             Janet Evanovich

Until Then                                                                                            Gail Kittleson

Ghosts of the Quad Cities                                                                   Michael McCarty

The Girl Who Stopped Swimming                                                       Joshilyn Jackson

The Book of Gutsy Women                                                                 Hillary Rodham and Chelsea Clinton

Golden Boy                                                                                         John Glatt