Welcome to July,2024  

The library will be closed July 4th - July 7th. 

(The library will be closed on July 5th, but you will still be able to pick up the free food for children 0-18 years of age) 

 I am still looking to hire an assistant. 

If you are interested, or know of someone who is interested in the position, please contact me!  641-947-6700 

at the Melcher-Dallas Public Library!

The library offers free Wifi and the password is FreeWifi1

Come Craft with Me! 

Currently, no craft projects are planned.  Enjoy your summer activities and we 

look forward to seeing you, when we resume our Come Craft with Me events this fall.


News of Interest to the Community!




Melcher Dallas Notification/Alert System Launched

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For several months now, City Staff have been working to set up a Notification/Alert System to allow better communication with our residents.  This system is hosted by Everbridge.  Now, critical alerts about our water supply, community events, or other important information can be sent out quickly so everyone can stay informed.  We have set up a web page “Stay Informed with Alerts” with links that will allow you to sign up and learn more information about the Notifications and Alerts.  There will be more information sent out with your water bill this month.  Please spread the word so your neighbors can stay informed as well.


Faxing Service


The Melcher-Dallas Public Library provides a fax service.  The fee for the fax service is $1.00 per sheet.